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Acanthaceae (The Acanthus Family)
Aceraceae (The Maple Family)
Acoraceae (The Sweet Flag Family)
Actinidiaceae (The Actinidia Family)
Adoxaceae (The Viburnum family)
Agavaceae (The Century Plant Family)
Aizoaceae (The Carpet Weed Family)
Alliaceae (The Onion Family)
Alstroemeriaceae (The Alstroemeria Family)
Amaryllidaceae (The Amaryllis Family)
Anacardiaceae (The Cashew Family)
Anemiaceae (The flowering fern Family)
Annonaceae (The Custard Apple Family)
Apiaceae (The Carrot/Parsley Family)
Apocynaceae (The Dogbane Family)
Araceae (The Arum Family)
Araliaceae (The Aralia Family)
Araucariaceae (The Araucaria Family)
Arecaceae (The Palm Family)
Aristolochiaceae (The Birthwort Family)
Asclepiadaceae (The Milkweed Family)
Asparagaceae (The Asparagus Family)
Asphodelaceae (The Asphodel Family)
Aspleniaceae (The Spleenwort Family)
Asteliaceae (The Astelia Family)
Asteraceae (The Aster Family)
Balsaminaceae (The Jewelweed Family)
Begoniaceae (The Begonia Family)
Berberidaceae (The Barberry Family)
Betulaceae (The Birch Family)
Bignoniaceae (The Catalpa Family)
Blechnaceae (The Deer or Chain Fern Family)
Boraginaceae (The Borage Family)
Brassicaceae (The Mustard Family)
Bromeliaceae (The Pineapple Family)
Buddleiaceae (The Butterfly Bush Family)
Buxaceae (The Boxwood Family)
Cactaceae (The Cactus Family)
Calycanthaceae (The Calycanthus Family)
Campanulaceae (The Bellflower Family)
Cannabaceae (The Hemp Family)
Cannaceae (The Canna Family)
Capparaceae (The Caper Family)
Caprifoliaceae (The Honeysuckle Family)
Caricaceae (The Papaya Family)
Caryophyllaceae (The Pink Family)
Celastraceae (The Staff Tree Family)
Chloranthaceae (The Chloranthus Family)
Cistaceae (The Rockrose Family)
Clethraceae (The Clethra Family)
Colchicaceae (The Bellwort Family)
Commelinaceae (The Spiderwort Family)
Convallariaceae (The Lily of the Valley Family)
Cornaceae (The Dogwood Family)
Crassulaceae (The Crassula Family)
Cucurbitaceae (The Gourd Family)
Cunoniaceae (The Wild Alder Family)
Cupressaceae (The cypress Family)
Cyperaceae (The Sedge Family)
Davalliaceae (The Rabbit's Foot Fern Family)
Dicksoniaceae (The Dicksonia Family)
Dipsacaceae (The Teasel Family)
Droseraceae (The Sundew Family)
Dryopteridaceae (The Wood Fern Family)
Ebenaceae (The Ebony Family)
Elaeagnaceae (The Autumn Olive Family)
Ericaceae (The Heath Family)
Euphorbiaceae (The Spurge Family)
Fabaceae (The Legume Family)
Fagaceae (The Oak Family)
Francoaceae (The Francoa Family)
Fumariaceae (The Fumitory Family)
Gentianaceae (The Gentian Family)
Geraniaceae (The Geranium Family)
Gesneriaceae (The African Violet Family)
Glaucidiaceae (The Glaucidium Family)
Grossulariaceae (The Gooseberry Family)
Gunneraceae (The Gunnera Family)
Haemodoraceae (The Bloodwort Family)
Hamamelidaceae (The Witch Hazel Family)
Hyacinthaceae (The Hyacinth Family)
Hydrangaceae (The Hydrangea Family)
Iridaceae (The Iris Family)
Iteaceae (The Sweetspire Family)
Lamiaceae (The Mint Family)
Lardizabalaceae (The Lardizabala Family)
Lauraceae (The Olive Family)
Liliaceae (The Lily Family)
Loganiaceae (The Logania Family)
Lythraceae (The Loosestrife Family)
Magnoliaceae (The Magnolia Family)
Malvaceae (The Mallow Family)
Melianthaceae (The Honeybush Family)
Moraceae (The Fig Family)
Musaceae (The Banana Family)
Myrsinaceae (The Myrsine Family)
Myrtaceae (The Myrtle Family)
Oleaceae (The Olive Family)
Onagraceae (The Evening Primrose Family)
Orchidaceae (The Orchid Family)
Orobanchaceae (The Broomrape Family)
Osmundaceae (The Royal Fern Family)
Oxalidaceae (The Oxalis Family)
Paeoniaceae (The Peony Family)
Papaveraceae (The Poppy Family)
Passifloraceae (The Passion Flower Family)
Paulowniaceae (The Princess Tree family)
Phytolaccaceae (The Pokeweed Family)
Pinaceae (The pine tree Family)
Piperaceae (The Pepper Family)
Pittosporaceae (The Pittosporum Family)
Plumbaginaceae (The Leadwort Family)
Poaceae (The Grass Family)
Polemoniaceae (The Phlox Family)
Polygonaceae (The Buckwheat Family)
Polypodiaceae (The Polypody Family)
Portulacaceae (The Portulaca or Purslane Family)
Primulaceae (The Primrose Family)
Proteaceae (The Protea Family)
Pteridaceae (The Maidenhair Fern Family)
Pteridophyllaceae (The Pteridophyllum Family)
Ranunculaceae (The Buttercup Family)
Restionaceae (The Restio Family)
Rhamnaceae (The Buckthorn Family)
Rosaceae (The Rose Family)
Rubiaceae (The Madder Family)
Ruscaceae (The Butcher’s Broom Family)
Rutaceae (The Citrus Family)
Salicaceae (The Willow Family)
Sarraceniaceae (The Pitcher Plant Family)
Saururaceae (The Lizard's Tail Family)
Saxifragaceae (The Saxifrage Family)
Schisandraceae (The Schisandra Family)
Sciadopityaceae (The Japanese umbrella-pine family)
Scrophulariaceae (The Figwort Family)
Selaginellaceae (The spikemosses Family)
Solanaceae (The Deadly Nightshade Family)
Sterculiaceae (The Cacao/Chocolate Family)
Streliziaceae (The Bird-of-Paradise Family)
Taccaceae (The Bat Plant Family)
Tecophilaeaceae (The Blue Crocus Family)
Theaceae (The Tea family)
Thymelaeaceae (The Daphne Family)
Trilliaceae (The Trillium Family)
Urticaceae (The Nettle Family)
Valerianaceae (The Valerian Family)
Verbenaceae (The Verbena Family)
Violaceae (The Violet Family)
Vitaceae (The Grape Family)
Winteraceae (The Winter's Bark Family)
Xanthorrhoeaceae (The Grass Tree Family)
Zingiberaceae (The Ginger Family)

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